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qPCR MasterMixes

Our 2x qPCR MasterMixes are optimized ready-to-use mixtures for dye- or probe-based qPCR assays. The Mixes contain a modified fast HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs and MgCl₂ combined in an optimized buffer system for Real-Time PCR / qPCR applications except primers, probe and template DNA / cDNA.

We offer different qPCR MasterMixes suitable for a variety of qPCR applications. All qPCR MasterMixes are available with different concentrations of ROX (e.g. 100 nM or 1 µM), as well as without ROX.

CybrGreen-based MasterMixes

2x qPCR CybrGreen MasterMix

2x qPCR CybrGreen BLUE MasterMix

2x qPCR CybrGreen-Apta MasterMix

Probe-based MasterMixes

2x qPCR Probe MasterMix

2x qPCR Probe BLUE MasterMix

2x qPCR Probe-Apta MasterMix

5x qPCR Probe MasterMix